ADVICE|2018 will be a meeting place for researchers interested in sharing insights and discussing practical, ethical, and scientific aspects of biostatistical advising/consulting.


ADVICE|2018 will consist of keynote lectures, poster presentations, short presentations, a pre-conference course and panel discussion.


ADVICE|2018 will bring together experts in the field of biostatistical advising, junior advisors and clients (“advisees”).

Why do we need an international scientific meeting on biostatistical advising?


 The complexity of projects and data in biomedical research has increased over time and methodological and statistical challenges have increased with them. This emphasizes the growing importance of close collaboration between biomedical researchers, clinicians, bioinformaticians, epidemiologists and statisticians.


ADVICE|2018 will help to improve existing advising services at universities and university hospitals and foster continued education of (young) advisors. ADVICE|2018 aims to provide a basis for the development of a set of “best practices” on biostatistical advising in academic biomedical research.

key topics

- Biostatistical advising as part of the scientific process

- Is there a “best practice” for advising?

- How to organize and structure a biostatistical advising service

- How do we measure the impact of the advising?

- From cases to principles: learning from advising examples

- Communication challenges in biostatistical advising

- The next generation: training and recruiting new advisors

Be part of the 1st international scientific conference on biostatistical advising! We are looking forward to seeing you at ADVICE|2018 in beautiful Oslo.



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